play_logoPlayApart is a non-profit organization with scientific, cultural and social purposes recognized since 2006 under Italian civil code law.

PlayApart holds, as its principal activities, to promote actions of creation and cooperation on multimedia communication, film and documentary production, web design at international and national level, in support of non-governmental and grassroots organizations, social parties, movements and people of the Global South. PlayApart aims at building long term visibility for local social and environmental campaigns by creating adequate communication tools, networking and distribution channels.

Play Apart owns production and post-production tools and technologies, video and film crews, communication expertise and direct expertise on the theme treated both at the level of the issues pertaining to the campaigns focus and at the level of communication and video distribution. Is thus very well placed to supply end-to-end products and communication instruments: from the field analysis to the production of a DVD.


Jaroslava Colajacomo



Ovenecka 32 – 17000 Praha 7

Czech Republic

via Vanvitelli, 4 – 00153 Roma