The World Water Forum takes place every 3 years and is organized by the World Water Council , a private think-tank strongly connected to the World Bank, and to the largest globe’s water trans-national corporations such Suez or Veolia , with the help of the most powerful governments of the world .

The fifth World Water Forum will be held in Istanbul, 16-22 March 2009. Even though some ONGs will participate to it, along with some local and parliamentary powers, in reality this illegitimate organization summons Governments and international organisms to define the fundamental lines of the use, of the ownership, of the management of the good common water without democratic legitimacy and in according to commercial and liberal logics.

In Istanbul, parallel to this event, will be organized initiatives of various orientation and dimension that will give voice to the people and all those that fight for the water those that will contest from outside and also from inside the legitimacy of the Forum.

Turkish social forum movements and ecologists organized one Alternative Forum that will take place in Bilgi University SantralIstanbul Campus at 20-21-22 March.
For further information visit the site of the Alternative World Water Forum in Istanbul: http://alternatifsuforumu.org/en/.

Another massive movement of Turkish unions, activists and organizations is also coming together under the “Platform for not Commercialization of water http://www.suplatformu.net/ (in Turkish)

During the same days solidarity events will be held around the world to mark World Water Day on March 22nd by declaring water a human right and a central component of the global commons.

For information about all alternative events that which will take place March 12-22, 2009 in Istanbul visit the site of the People’s Water Forum in Istanbul: http://www.peopleswaterforum.org , a site created by and for global water justice activists to coordinate activities related to the Counter World Water Forum in Istanbul.