WWF5th demostration istanbul 16th march


Istanbul Overview….

A team of 3 videomakers from Playapart and Torcida is now in
Turkey to document the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul and
the counter-events organized by the Turkish and
international resistance movement to water privatization and
large dams. They are working to the production of a new
film-documentary on the European water business in the
middle-east . To this aim they are also going to South-east
Anatolia to document the dams projects in that area and to
the Aegean cost .

In this space you can follow the events that will take place
in Istanbul at the counter forum and as well at the official
forum, with news and videos.

For contacts with the film crew in Turkey
Jaroslava Colajacomo:+905317477806
email: jaro@playapart.it

Look at the new video of the 15th of March demonstration and
the violent repression by the police

keep in touch!….