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AGUA MI SANGRE – Voices resistances and alternatives at the World Water Forum

Agua Mi Sangre, a documentary-film by Jaroslava Colajacomo

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Right now the greed for profits moves transnational corporations to extend control over the world’s water – a resource that is vital to the survival of humanity.

At the same time, a movement against water privatization is growing all over in the world, raising against the centers of power: the world water council and the world water forum.

During 4th world water forum in mexico city in 2006, protests against water privatization assumed a global dimension for the first time.
In the demonstrations and in the prayers for water – the right of every living being – there was a common goal: to make sure it never becomes a commodity.

Next world water forum will be organized in Istanbul, in march 2009. It will be the case of a reform or of a boycott?